Sprinklr is a social media management platform with offices across the globe. Approaching Nexus and Mighty Nice, the brief from Sprinklr was to explain in a whimsical and emotive way how Sprinklr can help manage and evolve your business. They required a brand story that was not only informative, but also visually spectacular, engaging and non-verbal to ensure communication across all types of business, industries, countries and languages.
Our story begins in a stylised, abstract world – nicely geometric, and simply constructed, with basic shapes representing what consumers want.
As the story evolves, a business owner gains ground, initially meeting demand but then realising that the need has evolved. A square peg won’t fit in a round hole. Now more than ever before, customers are connected and empowered through many social media platforms – and businesses need to listen to them. The need for a deeper knowledge of what the consumer wants requires a more effective response.
Through a “listening machine” which Sprinklr can provide, a different stylised word is recognised, thus resulting in better sales and greater customer satisfaction.
Robin Davey was our  Lead Art Director. With sweet characters, a visual language, and an informative story to tell, we have chosen a charming, colourful, minimalist illustrated style to create this world.
Robins 2D graphic style was then pushed further into a 3D minature model world at Mighty Nice. Wood grain textures, richly rendered backgrounds and 2D animated faces upon simple geometry created a rich look.

Director: Darren Price
Art Direction: Robin Davey, Jason Pamment & Thibaut Scalesse
Storyboard Artists: Bonnie Taylor, Victoria Dinh & Jeremy Carlen
Modelling & Rendering: Tristan Lock, Simon Linge, Isaac Turier & Cosmo Park
Rigging: Vincent E Sousa
3D Animation: Duncan MacLaren, Mike Singca, Guy Jamieson, Darragh White, Tessa Eden, Oscar Torres & Murray Gardner
2D Animation: Bonnie Taylor, Christine Wilson & Ryley Miller
Lighting: Simon Linge, Isaac Turier & Rowan Karrer
Comp Lead: Chris Angelius
Compositors: Chris Angelius, Matt Brunner, Fiona Lu, Gerad Gray & Jeremy Carlen
Edit: Oscar Torres
Motion Design: Chris Angelius
Head of Studio: Jeremy Howdin
Senior Producer: Tina Braham
Production Coordinator: Diana Angelius
Executive Producer: Jackie Archer
Nexus: Luke Youngman
Sound: Brains & Hunch
Featured on Motionographer
GOLD Best in Show: Branded Entertainment – Animation – Davey Awards 2017

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