My name is Chris Angelius

I am an award winning Canadian born, Sydney based freelance motion designer and director.

From a young age, I've had an innate passion for all things design, spending countless hours experimenting with different software and techniques. After completing my formal education, I set out on pursuing my dream of becoming a motion designer, working on a variety of projects and honing my skills. This journey helped to focus my vision and evolve my style into what it is now.

Today, I am known for my technical expertise, strong work ethic, and my ability to push the boundaries of the brief. I've worked with some of the biggest brands and agencies in the world, creating visually stunning and highly engaging work that captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impression.

Despite any success or achievements, I aim to always remain humble and to continue to be driven by my passion for 3D motion design. I believes that motion design is an ever-evolving art form and am committed to staying at the forefront of the industry, constantly pushing myself to create new and innovative work. My dedication and passion have allowed me to turn what was once my hobby into a career that I hope to be fortunate enough to continue to do for the rest of my life.

I am proud to be one of the most sought-after motion designers in Australia and am always looking to expand my professional network so that I can continue to grow and progress.

The journey is never over, if anything, it still feels like it's just beginning.

 A member of Vanta Collective

A collaborative practice that works together on both personal and professional projects and are constantly pushing one another to achieve their best work.  This provides a network of peers to lean on for help and to constantly grow with.  

Software Proficiencies:
- Cinema4D (w/ Physical, VRay, Octane, Redshift)
- Houdini (w/ Mantra/KARMA, Octane, Redshift)
- Adobe After Effects (w/ most plugins)
- Nuke (w/ most plugins)
- Substance Painter/Designer
- Unfold3D
- Photoshop/Illustrator

Always looking to expand networks and collaborate on projects with studios both locally and remotely.
currently freelance in Sydney, Australia and remote.

Awards & Features
2015 PromaxBDA ANZ - Gold Promax - Best Music/Arts Promo
2015 PromaxBDA ANZ - Bronze Promax - Best VFX & Compositing
2015 AEAF Finalist - Idents & Stings - SBS Eurovision Promo
2015 AEAF Finalist - Titles & TV Openers - Reno Rumble Titles
2016 PromaxBDA ANZ - Gold Promax - Best Television Image Campaign
2016 PromaxBDA ANZ - Gold Promax - Best Sports Campaign
2016 PromaxBDA Global - Bronze Promax - Best Art Direction & Design
2016 PromaxBDA Global - Bronze Promax - Best Art Direction & Design
2016 PromaxBDA ANZ - Silver Promax - Best On-Air Branding Design
2016 PromaxBDA ANZ - Gold Promax - Best Marketing Video
2016 AEAF Finalist - Commercials Animation - Volkswagen Passat: School Scramble
2016 AEAF Finalist - Titles & TV Openers - "Rise" Netball World Championships
2016 AEAF SILVER - Idents & Stings - "Rise" Netball World Championships
2016 AEAF Finalist - Web Viral - 10th Toyota Dream Car Contest
2017 AEAF Finalist - Commercials VFX - NBN Business
2017 AEAF GOLD - Web Viral - Camry Global Launch
2017 AGDA Finalist - Motion - HCF How To Claim
2017 Davey Awards GOLD - Best In Show: Branded Entertainment (Animation) - Sprinklr: Square Peg
2017 Feature - Motionographer - Sprinkrl: Square Peg
2018 AEAF Finalist - Titles & TV Openers - Australian Open Titles/Rebrand
2018 AEAF Finalist - Titles & TV Openers - NBA on Tencent Titles/Rebrand
2018 AEAF SILVER - Titles & Openers - Tencent Sports Titles/Rebrand

2019 Webby Awards - Honouree - Animation - reMarkable: Get Your Brain Back
2019 Webby Awards - Winner - Animation - Sprinklr: Square Peg
2022 64th Grammy Awards - Nominee: Best Music Film - “Happier Than Ever” — Billie Eilish
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