My name is Chris Angelius and I am an award winning Canadian born, Sydney based freelance motion designer and art director.

In 2005 I graduated from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) with a degree in New Media Production and Design, and in 2010 I graduated from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) with a degree in Visual Communication.  

During my studies I was introduced to the magic of motion design.  It has since become my obsession.  I have dedicated my career, and more-so, my life to motion graphics and 2D/3D animation. I am constantly striving to up my skill-set and absorb as much information about design practices in a never ending pursuit of design greatness.
I am also a member of an award winning design collective.  We collaborate together on both personal and professional projects and are constantly pushing one another to achieve our best work.  This has given me a network of peers to lean on for help and to constantly grow with.  
Over the course of my career I have worked very hard to become proficient with the following software:
- Adobe After Effects (w/ most plugins)
- Cinema4D (w/ Physical, VRay, Octane, Redshift)
- Houdini (w/ Mantra, Octane, Redshift)
- Substance Painter/Designer
- zBrush
- Unfold3D
- Nuke/BMD Fusion
- Photoshop/Illustrator
I've been fortunate enough to work with some of  the most prolific designers and animation studios in the world and am always looking to expand my network and collaborate on projects with studios both locally and remotely.
I also enjoy collaborating on projects with other artists and designers. If you're interested in working together, please feel free to get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.
I'm currently freelancing in Sydney, Australia (as well as remotely) with a view to move to Berlin in the near future.

Awards & Features
2015 PromaxBDA ANZ - Gold Promax - Best Music/Arts Promo
2015 PromaxBDA ANZ - Bronze Promax - Best VFX & Compositing
2015 AEAF Finalist - Idents & Stings - SBS Eurovision Promo
2015 AEAF Finalist - Titles & TV Openers - Reno Rumble Titles
2016 PromaxBDA ANZ - Gold Promax - Best Television Image Campaign
2016 PromaxBDA ANZ - Gold Promax - Best Sports Campaign
2016 PromaxBDA Global - Bronze Promax - Best Art Direction & Design
2016 PromaxBDA Global - Bronze Promax - Best Art Direction & Design
2016 PromaxBDA ANZ - Silver Promax - Best On-Air Branding Design
2016 PromaxBDA ANZ - Gold Promax - Best Marketing Video
2016 AEAF Finalist - Commercials Animation - Volkswagen Passat: School Scramble
2016 AEAF Finalist - Titles & TV Openers - "Rise" Netball World Championships
2016 AEAF SILVER - Idents & Stings - "Rise" Netball World Championships
2016 AEAF Finalist - Web Viral - 10th Toyota Dream Car Contest
2017 AEAF Finalist - Commercials VFX - NBN Business
2017 AEAF GOLD - Web Viral - Camry Global Launch
2017 AGDA Finalist - Motion - HCF How To Claim
2017 Davey Awards GOLD - Best In Show: Branded Entertainment (Animation) - Sprinklr: Square Peg
2017 Feature - Motionographer - Sprinkrl: Square Peg
2018 AEAF Finalist - Titles & TV Openers - Australian Open Titles/Rebrand
2018 AEAF Finalist - Titles & TV Openers - NBA on Tencent Titles/Rebrand
2018 AEAF SILVER - Titles & Openers - Tencent Sports Titles/Rebrand
2019 Webby Awards - Honouree - Animation - reMarkable: Get Your Brain Back
2019 Webby Awards - Winner - Animation - Sprinklr: Square Peg
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