How can we think or create when distractions have become the norm?
Directors Darren Price & Simon Robson
Senior Producer Tina Braham
Producer Diana Angelius
Nexus EP Ollie Allgrove
Nexus Producer Doireann de Buitlear
Head of Studio Jeremy Howdin
Storyboards Bonnie Forsyth, Michael Shiao Chen, Alex Dray & Adrienne Bolina
Design Michael Shiao Chen, Bonnie Forsyth, Maxime Dupuy, Baptiste Groazil, Jason Pamment & John Engelhardt
Animation Bonnie Forsyth, Michael Shiao Chen, Bryce Pemberton, Leanne Lee, Aaron MacDonald, Ben Grimshaw, Josh Trotter & Milo Gluth
Animation Clean Up Adrienne Bolina, Oscar Nimmo, Joanne Lee-Jung, Lester Chan, Tessa Eden & Diana Angelius
3D Trent Rogan & Cosmo Park
Motion Design/Comp John Grist, Chris Angelius, Fiona Lu, Bethany Levy & Mathieu Carlot
Sound Adrian Aurelius
Surreal elements, dystopian ideas, and bold imagery.
This film kicks off and doesn’t stop. It’s a flowing journey through a brief history of technology today – both the good and the bad.
Brains are wired and monitored, backgrounds whirr and switch around phone-transfixed teens. Constantly shifting scenarios enchant and draw us in.
We wanted to create high contrast animated drawings that are immediately engaging, then use strong, graphic transitions for visual flow.
The reMarkable ‘Get your brain back’ story is the cautionary tale that we all need to hear right now. The story has its roots in classic dystopian sci-fi tales where colossal man-made machines rise to dominate humankind.
Translated into our present day world, it’s in fact small friendly-looking devices that have us wrapped around their apps. And what we all secretly fear is that there’s no turning back.
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