Australian War Memorial – AE2: Journey Through the Dardanelles
This film was created for the Australian War Memorial’s new exhibition for ANZAC Day 2015. AE2 – Journey Through the Dardanelles is a stand-alone narrative drama that tells the story of Lt. Commander Stoker and his crew who were given the order to “Run Amok” in the Sea of Marmara.
With only a handful of photographs of the AE2 and the original design blueprints the dLuscious 3D team was set the task of creating a fully synthesised 3D and motion graphic movie. Using period based techniques the team developed unique and distinct styles that captured the essence of the era. With no audio accompaniment a text-based approach was used to tell the story, this placed a greater reliance on type and motion design to convey essential facts.

Production Company: Luscious International / dLuscious
Creative Director: Jeff Jaffers
Producer: Christine Koole
Art Director: Eddy Herringson
CG Supervisor: Dylan Neill
Motion Design: Chris Angelius, Luke Simshauser & Raymond Lau
3D Artists: Chris Angelius, Chris Harris, Josh Henare, Ashley Nagy & John Saleem

About the Exhibition
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