A short project to work on modelling and texturing while expanding my understanding of a few concepts within Cinema4D and VRay.
I ended up tackling the fluids (condensation and the beer itself) in a couple ways., including doing it in Real Flow, which had the best result but made making changes far too time consuming, and as I'd no plans on rendering this out as an animation I ended up going with the simpler methods.  Those being a simple cloner for the condensation and duplicated inner geometry for the liquid.  The ice was generated by an emitter with dynamics to fill the bucket then displaced by the bottles.  
I set a strict deadline for myself on this, but given more time would have cleaned up the label, rendered with more instances of refraction and spent longer on the sand.  I had an issue where the beer was discolouring in the top view render due to instances of refraction and correcting this ate up a lot of time.
All of the below images were rendered using Cinema4D R15 with VRay 1.9.  Everything was self modelled and all textures were created manually and are procedural.  
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